905/915 nm Series Single Mode Laser Diodes


Axcel's 905 nm and 915 nm single-mode laser diodes is available in a fiber-coupled package, as a chip-on-submount, or in a 5.6 mm or 9 mm TO-can. Our 915 nm products are ideal for applications in medical, laser range finding, optical measurements, and fiber laser fields.

Package Datasheet Picture Part Number
905 nm 5 100mW 2.1mm Submount data C2_up_close C2-905-0100-S50
905 nm 5 100mW 5.6mm TO Can TO-can_website M5-905-0100-S50
905 nm 5 100mW 9mm TO Can TO-can_website M9-905-0100-S50
915 nm 5 200mW 2.1mm Submount C2_up_close C2-915-0200-S50
915 nm 5 200mW 9mm TO Can TO-can_website M9-915-0200-S50
915 nm 5 300mW 2.1mm Submount C2_up_close C2-915-0300-S50
915 nm 5 300mW 9mm TO Can TO-can_website M9-915-0300-S50
915 nm 5 180mW 14-Pin Butterfly data TO-can_website BF-915-0180-P50



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